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International Service

The Rotary Club of Honolulu is committed to making a difference in communities throughout the world.  We started our hands-on projects in 2003, and over the past 15 years have completed 17 projects:  14 in the Philippines, and 1 each in Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, which represents a total of 392 participants and $603,900 spent on these projects.


The Myanmar Project, January 7-15, 2017

A delegation of 29 participants traveled to remote Mrauk-U in Rakhine State, Myanmar to build a 2,400 square foot medical clinic on the grounds of the Ratana Man Aung Monastery.  Through the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Honolulu, $50,000 was donated to the Saw Mra Aung Foundation for Clinic Construction costs.  The clinic's location in a poor, remote village will provide medical and public health services that are greatly needed.  The participants spent a week doing hands on labor in the construction of the brick and steel clinic building.  Additionally, participants donated $2,000 for painting and furnishing the Maung Thar Kone Village School.

Rotarians walked between our small hotel and the monastery each morning and evening.  The walk carried us through the village area and past 500 year old pagodas, which gave great insight into different lifestyles and our own place in the world. We returned as stronger people and more dedicated Rotarians.


The Philippines Project, March 17-27, 2017

A group of 20 participants made their way to the poor fishing village of Japitan near the town of Barili on Cebu Island, Philippines to make improvements to the local school.  The Rotary Club of Honolulu provided scholarships to 13 students from the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, and Iolani School to cover participation costs.  The $14,000 project cost covered a new water tank and distribution system, repair and painting roofs, construction of toilet facilities, concrete voleyball court, concrete walkways, building a cement block wall, painting school buildings, and the donation of educational equipment and supplies. Six dentists sponsored by the Talisay Cebu Rotary Club extracted 407 teeth and made 35 sets of dentures for village residents.  The Hawaii Eye Foundation donated 240 pair of reading glasses to the Rotary Club of Honolulu.  We distributed 207 pair to villagers and left the remaining 33 pair with the school principal.

The conscious inclusion of young adult students provides a life-changing experience that will pay great dividends for humanity and the future.