The Rotary Mediation Pledge

The Peacemaker Committee is committed to promoting "Peace Through Understanding," one Rotarian at a time.   If every Rotarian commits to managing their own conflicts in a more peaceful manner by using mediation first, then together Rotarians can be powerful role models for every child and adult in our communities, ultimately creating a more peaceful world.

In keeping with this commitment the Peacemaker Committee created the Rotary Mediation Pledge.  An aspirational concept, it embraces the belief that all disputes, big and small, should be approached with the core value of promoting peace through understanding by trying mediation first.

Through mediation, the parties in a dispute sit down and talk with the assistance of an impartial person…the mediator.  By talking, the parties gain an understanding of each other’s perspectives and interests, and ultimately negotiate solutions that work for everyone at the table.

The Rotary Mediation Pledge is a simple concept that can have a significant impact.  Every Rotarian who chooses to mediate first…whether it is a dispute that arises within a Rotary Club, in a business relationship, among family or friends… is walking the walk of promoting peace through understanding.

Attached is a copy of the Rotary Mediation Pledge.  The Peacemaker Committee would like to urge you to open, print, and return it by email to  Your pledge will be kept in a data base at the Rotary Club of Honolulu and eventually kept by District 5000.

Please know that your step in signing this Pledge will lead to another step, and together Rotarians will convey a powerful message to our communities and the rest of the world that peace starts with each of us.

Thank You!