Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation

Maurice J. Sullivan Award 

Joanna Lau Sullivan Award

  • Forty-nine (49) $5,000 scholarships to students going to mainland universities
  • Since 1976, HRYF has awarded 1,461 scholarships totaling $5,120,203
  •  Distribution of Scholarships from 2011
            24 Neighbor Island students from 18 high schools

            32 to Oahu students from 11 high schools

            39 students who attend public schools

            17 students who attend private schools

            40 universities where students enrolled

            50 students attending mainland universities

            8 students attending Hawaii universities 


Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation

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HRYF Recognition Levels

M. J. Sullivan Fellow: Anyone who contributes - or in whose name is contributed - an outright or cumulative gift of $1,000 or more to The Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation.

Sully Life Members: Individuals whose total giving to The Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation has reached $5,000.