Mar 18, 2014
Linda Kaiser
"Swimming All 9 Channels Between the Hawaiian Islands" *This meeting will be at Waialae CC

Linda Kaiser is Hawaii's foremost female long distance swimmer.  She is the first person to swim all nine Hawaii channels, and the only woman to have done all nine.  The only other person who has done all nine is Mike Spalding.

Liinda was born in Hilo, and has lived in Hawaii her entire life.

Linda's channel swimming history:
1. Auau Channel, 8/19/89 (Lanai to Maui), 10 miles, 5:11 hours
2. Pailolo Channel 11/30/90 (Maui to Molokai),11 miles, 4:47 hours.  First woman to swim this channel.
3. Kolohe Channel 9/21/91, (Molokai to Lanai), 10 miles, 4:30 hours.
4. Alalakeiki Channel, 4/14/01, (Maui to Kahoolawe), 7.5 miles, 3:30 hours.   First woman to swim this channel.
5. Kaulakahi Channel, 7/20/03, (Kauai to Niihau), 20 miles, 10:45 hours.  First ever swim crossing (male or female)
6. Kealakahiki Channel, 9/11/05,  (Kahoolawe to Lanai), 18.5 miles, 11:53 hours.  First ever swim crossing (male or female)
7. Kaiwi Channel, 921/07, (Molokai to Oahu), 26 miles, 26 miles, 15 hours.
8. Alenuihaha Channel, 9/11-12/09, ( Big Island to Maui), 32 miles, 16:10 hours.
9. Kaieiewaho Channel, 11/20/10, (Oahu to Kauai), 72 miles, 47:55 hours.  First ever swim crossing.  Done as a relay with Mike Spalding.

OC2 History:  First all womens 2-person crossing of the Kaiwi Channel
OC2, 2005 Short Course champion 2004

Linda  also paddled 6-man canoe regattas with Waikiki Surf Club, Lanikai Canoe Club and Keahiakahoe.