Environmental Committee

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  The Environmental Committee

Hahai no ka ua i ka ulula'au

The rain follows after the forest

Destroy the forest, the rains will cease to fall and the land will become a desert


The Environmental Committee provides Rotarians the umbrella under which to plan and carry out projects which will enhance and protect our fragile ecosystem in Hawaii. 


We accomplish this by hands-on project, by being spokespersons for raising community awareness of the environmental dangers and by partnering with other agencies to protect and preserve the community in which we live.


As we are all part of the problem, it is imperative that we all play a part in the solution.



Educate Rotarians about the ways to reduce our carbon footprint

Increase the number and diversity of environmental service projects carried out by our club and community



Chair:  Bill Brizee  

Email:  bbrizee@ahldesign.com 

Phone:  780-3198